Places in Africa that all travelers should visit

Places in Africa that all travelers should visit

If you are a travel enthusiast, then you must visit the amazing places of Africa. In this article, we have summarized the top places to visit in Africa.Visit this site to read articles on Travel.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa, a mountain formed by three inactive volcanoes that has become an emblem of the continent. The image of Kilimanjaro with its snow-covered peak and herds of elephants walking on its skirts is one of the most beautiful I saw in my life.Click here to read articles on Travel.

The Sahara in Merzouga, Morocco

Morocco is a very particular country within Africa, with a rich culture and internationally valued artistic customs. Among its many attractions, perhaps the most spectacular is an escape to the town of Merzouga, within the Sahara Desert, where you can see the milky way at nightfall and a beautiful sunrise over the dunes.

The gorillas of the Volcanoes of Rwanda, Congo and Uganda

The Virunga Mountains are a mountain range distributed between Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. This is the place where the famous mountain gorillas live, the same ones to which zoologist Dian Fossey dedicated his life.

Victoria Falls, between Zambia and Zimbabwe

Discovered by the mythical Dr. Livingstone, Victoria Falls form the natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and represent one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, known at the time by local tribes as ‘the smoke that thunders’ due to the mantle Dense and noisy that forms the water when it falls and bounces back up.

Places in Africa that all travelers should visit

The pyramids of Giza, in Egypt

Known to all, the pyramids of Giza and virtually all the countless treasures that Egypt hides are written on the wish list of every traveler worth his salt.

The Namibia Desert

Or Namib Desert, which means ‘huge’ due to the size of its reddish dunes. It is the oldest desert on Earth, since it existed 65 million years ago, and its landscapes are probably the most incredible and different in the world.

Lalibela, in Ethiopia

Lalibela is an important pilgrimage center in northern Ethiopia, due to the famous Churches carved in the rock, especially that of the House of St. George or Beta Girorgios, with a Greek cross plan and fifteen meters high carved only in rock.

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

The crater of the Ngorongoro Volcano is one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world, which was once a volcano and today consists of forests, lakes, savannas, swamps and about 25,000 animals of different species, including the so-called ‘big five ‘: the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the leopard and the rhinoceros.

Cape Town, South Africa

Despite being the second most populous city in South Africa, it is the most popular tourist destination in Africa thanks to its leisure, its beaches and the famous Table Mountain or Table Mountain, with its particular flattened shape.

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Located 160 km from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, Lake Nakuru is famous because it is a refuge for several types of migratory birds but, above all, for flamingos or flamingos, which at certain times of the year become millions, dyeing Pink the entire lake.