Top tips for making a wedding budget

Top tips for making a wedding budget

One of the first phases when organizing a wedding, after the first conversations with the bride and groom, is to raise the wedding budget, something that will serve as a guide for the entire process.Here are tips to keep in mind when preparing a wedding budget.Visit this site to read articles on Wedding.

 Number of guests

The first thing will be to know the number of guests. A wedding of 100 is not the same as of 500. It is important to know this number as soon as possible because it will depend on the venue and other parties. Our advice is that you never exceed the number because it is easier for everything to go better, and you will have time to have fun with everyone present.Click here to read articles on Wedding.


Once you have made the guest list, it will be time to choose the venue and the banquet. This item is the one that costs us the most, reaching more than half of our disbursement.

The average per cover is between 80 euros and 120 euros per person. Like everything, you can find it cheaper or more expensive. To this expense we would have to add the music (between € 700 and € 1,400) and the open bar (between 4 – 8 euros per hour and person) although many establishments already offer this service at no additional cost to be more attractive.

Also related to the guests will be the number of buses you need in case you get married in a remote farm. We must add to it then from 300 to 600 euros.

Top tips for making a wedding budget

Wedding dress

But if something worries us it is our wedding dress. Here we will find some ranging from 700 to 9,000 euros. The more you look better, so you will find what suits your pocket and your taste. To this you must add the accessories you want to add: shoes, earrings …

In the case of them, they spend on the suit from € 375 to € 780, but if they decide on a large firm, the price can increase on average up to € 1,200.

In both cases you can find cheaper options. For the wedding dress you can opt for a second hand and, in the case of men, renting it for a single day is a perfect alternative.

After the most important, there are other details that you cannot do without: photographer andfloral decoration.

The wedding trip

The wedding trip is another most important expense. Its cost varies according to the destination and the duration chosen, although it is difficult to find a few days off for less than € 1,500 per person. Obviously, if you decide not to get too far from your country, the price will decrease greatly.