For all your corporate requirements

For all your corporate requirements

For over 50 years, the business environment has been witnessing huge changes that brought in several developments in many companies. These were possible only with the welcome attitude and the ability to adapt to the changing business scenarios. For any firm, initiating the operations is a very important process. This can be done only with firm and stable capital and a strong idea. This is made feasible with the help of the finance and accounting team. Any business will need a financial plan so that they do not leave out of the competition. Managing the expenses and making sure to invest in their clients is extremely crucial. This can be done only by those firms which already have the experience in providing the accounting services. To help the business firms to excel in their finance, Boardroom Singapore delivers what is required in the most effective manner.

They give main importance to the firm’s goals and provide a solution accordingly. They have been refining their expertise to match with the current trends so as to assist the businesses to achieve the growth and success they tend to reach. The firm has been containing experts who have several years of experience in the field of finance and accountancy. This gives them full authority and responsibility to take care of the expenses and provide the best solution for their business.


Their main services:

They are experts in corporate secretarial services which stay at all the levels and stages of a firms’ growth. Right from the incorporation to the registration of the company, their services play a huge role. They also give full accordance with the regulations and make sure that the rules and policies are compliant with the legal terms. This is done to have a smooth continuation of the business operations without any disruptions. The firm provides the following incorporation services;

  • Incorporation of private limited and public companies in accordance with the Singapore Companies Act.
  • Safe Registration of foreign companies.
  • Renewal of representative offices.
  • Registration of other businesses.
  • Registration of Limited Liability Partnerships.
  • Providing people with advice and application of employment and residency passes, dependant passes, and permanent residency.
  • Giving the provision of Nominee directors services.
  • Providing the provision of Authorised Representative (for other foreign companies).
  • Provision of Named Company Secretary.

Other than these, they deliver the reporting of governance and regulatory compliance, business liquidation services, and much more. These are natural and compulsory process and an integral part of any successful business in Singapore. Giving the modern touch and needed expertise, the firm is open to all kinds of queries, and those who need their services can be free to consult them for any kind of financial advice or service. They are also partners with major Fortune 500 companies which takes them higher in the ladder of businesses that help other new or developing firms.