What are the different sizes of ice cream cups used for?

What are the different sizes of ice cream cups used for?

One can produce personalized ice cream containers with lids in two sizes: 300 ml and 480 ml. The sizes offer the possibility of serving food in small and large portions. The uses of single serve ice cream cups are endless, e.g. they are perfect for serving yogurt with fruits and nuts to enjoy for breakfast.

The 480 ml is mainly used for ice cream that you sell in supermarkets. The size is the same as the one which you buy at big ice cream shops. The 300 ml is used by many cafés or ice cream parlours to sell fruit, berries or other fruit or vegetables that customers would like to take away.

Ice cream cups with your logo are the perfect way to give your customers a unique experience. These ice cream sundaes have a matte finish that gives your business a natural and rustic look. Printed sundae is that extra twist that you have missed and lack to take your business to the next level so that your brand or message gets the full attention of your customers.

The good thing about the so-called ice cream cups is that they are cups that are coated with plastic so that they can be used for both liquids and foods with solid consistency. Due to the small height and the large diameter, the ice cream cups are not only suitable for ice cream, but also many other foods.

The smallest size, the 100 ml sundae is used almost exclusively for distributing tastings at trade fairs and in the supermarket. It could be anything from tastings of new yoghurt or cream cheese, or new or sausage products.

Generally, 150 ml ice cream sundae is usually made for the smallest ice cream size in the ice cream shop’s range. It contains about one and a half scoops of ice cream.

The 200 ml sundae is the most commonly used size. This is because they are often bought by companies that attend trade shows and want to offer a slightly larger serving. It is also ordered by ice cream shops that want to serve medium-sized ice cream.

The 350 ml sundae is often one of the largest sizes on the ice cream shop’s menu. However, it can also be used to serve pieces of fruit or vegetables or other freshly cut delicacies.

The size of the sundae is the 400 ml cup, which contains almost half a litre. However, it is rarely used for ice cream, but rather with frozen yoghurt, where a lot of space is required for crumble and other toppings. It is also typically used by some shops, for desserts such as cakes, brownies, etc.