What are the requirements for extending your spouse’s UK visa?

What are the requirements for extending your spouse’s UK visa?

Living in the UK on a spouse visa is fantastic but there is quite a problem when your partner’s visa is going to expire. When you don’t renew it you might be sent off to your country. But when you’re covered you can follow these guidelines for you to secure your partner’s visa.

You must be prepared

The british spouse visa renewal is given a period of two years and nine months. After you have finished this period you have to extend your visa. For you to easily remember you have to apply to extend the visa before it expires. But the thing is you have to apply for an extension once it is already two years and six months. The remaining three months are to process your papers. It is also advisable to find a trustable visa consultant to remind you months before it will expire. Once you do this you don’t have to panic about the visa deadline.

You need to be financially prepared

You have to be financially prepared for applying for UK partner visas. The processing is quite expensive once you’re unable to meet it is quite devastating. Applying for your extension you have to show that you’re able to meet it financially. It is required to show that you and your UK partner have an annual income of £18,600 or savings of about £62,500. You have to meet these requirements to proceed easily.

When you have children

During your stay in the UK and you have a dependent child as part of the application you have to pay extra charges. For the first child, you have to add £3,800 in your annual income and for extra children, you have to prepare £2,400 each. To make things easier you can see here the example of the gross annual income. This will depend on how many children you applied for the application.

  • £18,600 – No children
  • £22,400 – One child
  • £24,800 – Two children
  • £27,200 – Three children

Once there are children included in the application the children will be the main focus in the application. It will depend on your application on how it is presented whether it could be a pass or failure. It is also advisable to talk with a uk partner visa consultant to make sure that you prepare everything that you need for the visa.

Other possible ways to meet the income requirements

To meet the financial need that is needed for the visa it should be a combination of the annual gross income. Although you don’t have to get it from the traditional salaries that are mostly being used. You can also use these:

  • Cash savings
  • Self-employment income
  • Non-employment income like property rental income
  • Pension income

These income sources can be combined for you to meet your financial needs. To have the whole list of income sources you can ask the immigration consultant about it.

The spouse visa fee

To have an idea of how much you have to prepare for the spouse visa fee or to extend your partner’s visa it is around £1,033. Every dependent that you want to apply for a visa has the same amount as you.