Telugu Actress Samantha’s First Talk Show On Aha – Sam Jam

Telugu Actress Samantha’s First Talk Show On Aha – Sam Jam

Talk shows have always kept the audience gripped for its candid and spontaneous structure of just having a conversation with their favourite entertainment stars, which is never too interrogative or nosey. The special thing about talk shows is that over one conversation, you are open to many topics and themes, such as personal issues, scandals, movies, talks about future projects, and relevant issues such as mental health and social restructuring. You are not just leaving from the episode with just entertainment and talks about your actor’s personal lives but also many other things, which you usually don’t get to see because of their extremely private lives.

In this compromising time of an ongoing pandemic, all your favourite shows, movies, and series have found solace in the online world. With more and more people switching to OTT platforms from satellite cable connections, OTT platforms have a wide variety of entertaining content, all ad-free. If you enjoy Telugu films and content, one such OTT Platform specializing in providing their viewer with the like is aha. A very new streaming platform where you will find several new and good content can now watch Telugu Actress Samantha’s new talk show Sam Jam exclusively on AHA.


, you will need just one subscription on AHA based on your preferred plans which you will find on their official site.

Sam Jam is an online talk show series hosted by one of Telugu’s Favorite actresses Samantha Akkineni. The series has eight episodes, a short run, but you are introduced to several known faces from the Telugu film industry.

The series is directed by ArunSeshkumar and produced by Allu Aravind for Aha, premiered on the streaming platform aha on November 13, 2020. Following the Telugu television reality series Bigg Boss 4, Samantha’s second show as a host. Sam Jam is an entertaining show where celebrities come to every episode, which aired every week. The host asked questions about their personal and professional lives and performed fun activities with recurring host Comedian HarshaChemudu.

What sets apart Sam Jam from just a talk show is the inclusion of an audience who can ask the guests who are coming to every week questions. Some episodes also had skilled artists performing artistry and entering the viewers. Sam Jam is a versatile entertainer, with Vijay Devarokanda being the first guest, followed by Rana Daggubati, Nag Ashwin, Tamannaah, sports personnel SainaNehwalParupalliKashyap, RakulPreet Singh, KrishJagarlamudi, Chiranjeevi and Allu Arjun. 

Sam Jam is a unique blend of everything that will keep the audience entertained and hooked. With OTT Platforms running the film industry and keeping the audience entertained during a pandemic, shows and movies are delivered to us in good quality, content-rich, and no other censorships. Including a touch of philanthropy, Sam Jam is the epitome of what a good and unique show is and the results of an actor interviewing another in a fun manner. Streaming on AHA, where you can watch Sam Jam show onlinemany shows and films are there on the OTT platform that will keep your lockdown fun and not mundane.