1.    Introduction

A.      Nowadays everyone are hooked on healthy lifestyle and also healthy food. Because of this the seafood industry experiencing a boom in the field. Because seafood dish highly nutritious when compared to the Animal food. There are various varieties of seafood lake bluefin tuna, oysters,Maine lobster, shrimp,crab cakes ,fishes,king crab legs etc,You will also get various varieties of species of fishes which are even not available in the local market you can get online in a carefully ice pack insulated box and delivered to your door within no time based on it was subscription or one time delivery. Whenever anyone buying seafood there has to see transparency and freshness at the main factors to be seen while buying seafood. Hello if you are president of America and looking for fresh seafood online visit fresh seafood delivery which provides you the best.

2.    Things to be considered when ordering online

A.      Seafood consumption increases neurological development in pregnancy and also early childhood and also it is known to decrease mortality rate from heart disease is like coronar artery disease. Fish consumption has the radius of the rissk ov lung cancer, strokes,, dementia etc

B.      so this has found that having seafood three to four times a week is usually safe and also decrease it the risk of cancers

C.      seafood not only decreasing the heart diseases and cancers it also provides various micronutrients required for the body and also essential facts such as Omega three fatty acids, micronutrients likes calcium, potassium, zinc , selenium, Iodine are found in the fish so it is better to have fish when you have problems of bonds because it provides high content of calcium

D.      it is not only helpful for curing diseases but also helpful to heal the diseases like osteoporosis etc because it has rich source of calcium

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F.       Government promote to how seafood at least once or twice a week because of it’s it is source of nutrients and also helps the patient who are suffering from cancers and also reduce the risk of cancer recurrence in high risk individuals.

3.    Conclusion

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