Everything you need to know about individual seller accounts on amazon

Everything you need to know about individual seller accounts on amazon

These days, people prefer to purchase the products online because it is so convenient for them to choose from a range of products. Also, they could shop from their comfort place. This is why many shift their business to online. If you are a business owner selling products or looking to do online business, then choosing to sell products on Amazon would be a great choice for you. Because Amazon has millions of active users all around the world that help you to reach customers quickly.

When you have decided to sell the products on Amazon, then you have to sign up for an Amazon seller account. But you would find two choices like individual seller account or a professional seller account. These accounts are not the same as they have different features. The main difference between these two accounts is the cost. You could access the individual seller account free of cost, whereas to sign up for a professional account you have to pay.

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When choosing an individual seller is the right choice?

The individual amazon seller account is the basic and cost-effective plan that you can consider if you don’t want to sell many products. It is the perfect start for the individual who prefers to see how amazon selling works for them. After they find the process is good, they could switch to a professional account. Here are a few reasons that choosing an individual seller plan would be the best choice.

No monthly fee: If you are not ready to pay a monthly fee, then choosing this option is the best choice for you. You can start a free account that would help you to save money and turn to a professional account.

Selling fewer items: If you prefer to sell only less than 40 products, then choosing an individual account would be the best choice for you. Because you have to pay a commission fee for your sales. With fewer items, you can save money.

Just trial: If you are not serious about amazon selling and want to know the process, then choosing the individual seller plan is the best choice. It would help you to test out the platform without having to spend money.

Thus, if you are a new seller or only want to sell fewer items on Amazon then an individual amazon seller plan would be the ideal option for you. However, if you want to scale your business you can consider switching to a professional account.