Learn More About Synthetic Urine.

Learn More About Synthetic Urine.

There are two main types of synthetic urine: the traditional kind and the modern kind. The traditional kind has been around since before World War II when it was primarily used by those working in manufacturing plants to fool a government-mandated drug testing program with fake urine.


The modern kind is available in stores and online and can be used for many different reasons.


There are several advantages to choosing synthetic urine. The most obvious benefit is that it can help you pass a drug test when needed, but there are other benefits. Synthetic urine allows those who have had negative experiences with real urine to enjoy the benefits of artificial pee without worrying about the risks. Artificial pee can also be used for other purposes, such as for practicing for job interviews or as a novelty item for friends and family members.


The traditional kind of synthetic urine is available through specialty stores, and you also can find it on the Internet. The price of synthetic urine varies depending on the manufacturer.


The modern, artificial kind is not available in stores, but it can be purchased online, with many different brands. Online vendors typically offer a wide range of synthetic urine products to accommodate all needs. There’s the original-style pee that requires mixing with water and heating up, and there’s also an advanced version that comes premixed and doesn’t require any preparation.

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Many online vendors allow you to choose your brand by selecting a scent for your artificial pee. The scents are designed to match the smell of real urine.


In addition to different flavors of synthetic urine, some vendors also offer products that include kits that contain drug-testing apparatus and wipes. For example, some kits cost 3 to 9 dollars and include everything you need to pass a drug test—from the synthetic urine in a convenient bottle to the testing equipment and wipes. These kits make it very easy for people who do not have access to a laboratory-grade urinalysis machine or who don’t have time to wait for their sample to be processed by one.


Other types of products include heat pads and synthetic urine warmers. These are used during the actual test so that your sample’s temperature is similar to a person’s average body temperature.


Real urine naturally warms up when it leaves our bodies, but that doesn’t mean it will be close to your body’s average temperature before leaving the bathroom. The synthetic pee becomes warmer with practice, but if you’re concerned about passing a drug test with flying colors, you might also want to purchase one of these items. These products are also helpful for people who want to ensure the temperature is correct before using a fake urine kit.